Deccan Club

Formation of Deccan Club 2018-19

For the academic year 2018-19, Institute formed Deccan club, considering the structure of Student Council. Members of the Deccan Club includes representatives of all the classes; MBA, BBA and BCA The Deccan club members act as a communication network among the classes. Dissemination of information and activities can be effectively done through the club. The club acts as operational level support system.

List of members of Deccan Club 2020-21

President - Balaji Bhosale. Vice-President - Parth Kansagara
Secretary- Shreevardhan Isarana. Finance - Vishwanath Patil
Co-ordinateor - Avantika Sanagale Co-ordinateor - Prathmesh Ghanire.
Member - Pooja Sharma

Deccan Club Gallery